11 October 2018 | Innsbruck, Austria
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11 October 2018
Innsbruck, Austria


B2B Meetings or brokerage events are an ideal way to meet potential cooperation partners and a great opportunity to make new contacts. You can meet and greet people at high speed: 15 minutes is the perfect time to introduce yourself to your meeting partner and determine your interest in taking the conversations further.

If you want to be part of the B2B meetings, please tick the B2B Meetings box in the "Plan your Attendance" section of your registration form.

You can request one-to-one meetings (15 min/meeting), as well as receive meeting requests, four weeks before the event.


10 Oct: Submission of cooperation profile

10 Sept to 10 Oct: Selection of meetings


Closed since 10 October 2018


Innsbruck, Austria

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